Tom Webb Site

Welcome. This is Tom Webb's website about me, Tom Webb. Hello.

I'm an award-winning Comedian, performing all over the World & on Dave TV, as David Baddiel’s assistant, Aaron, in ‘FC Dave’.

I MC at The 99 Club in Covent Garden every Saturday and host all the events for Popbitch.

When not performing live, I write & perform for the radio & screen. Myspace Comedy commissioned me to write and perform in the 6 part mini-sitcom, 'Tom Webbisodes' with Jemima Rooper, I co-starred in Andrew-Lee Potts’s ‘Pitchin’ & Anyway Films bought my full-length, feature film, 'Friendless Wonder'.

I had an amazing Edinburgh Fringe 2014 performing ‘Crime Club’ and ‘MegaGames’ everyday, having debuted, ‘Tom Webb’s Wedding’ in 2013 to spectacular reviews & packed Audiences. I was the closer at ‘AAA Stand-Up Late’ 2012 & performed my critically acclaimed,'Tom Webb Fixes 2012'.

I directed & co-wrote the award-winning, sell-out show,‘The Fudge Shop

as well as writing, directing and performing in sell-out plays for the Lyric: Hammersmith and Riverside Studios. I directed the World’s longest running comedy show, NewsRevue, as well as creating its two Christmas Specials.

Here’s me doing the running man in Junior Senior’s ‘Rhythm Bandits

and being wide in Hard-Fi’s ‘Cash Machine’.

I love the glockenspiel and pastry.