Tom Webb Site

Welcome. This is Tom Webb's website about me, Tom Webb. Hello.

I'm an award-winning Comedian, performing all over the World & on Dave TV, as David Baddiel’s assistant, Aaron, in ‘FC Dave’.

I MC at The 99 Club in Covent Garden every Saturday and host all the events for Popbitch.

When not performing live, I write & perform for the radio & screen. Myspace Comedy commissioned me to write and perform in the 6 part mini-sitcom, 'Tom Webbisodes' with Jemima Rooper, I co-starred in Andrew-Lee Potts’s ‘Pitchin’ & Anyway Films bought my full-length, feature film, 'Friendless Wonder'.

I had an amazing Edinburgh Fringe 2014 performing ‘Crime Club’ and ‘MegaGames’ everyday, having debuted, ‘Tom Webb’s Wedding’ in 2013 to spectacular reviews & packed Audiences. I was the closer at ‘AAA Stand-Up Late’ 2012 & performed my critically acclaimed,'Tom Webb Fixes 2012'.

I directed & co-wrote the award-winning, sell-out show,‘The Fudge Shop

as well as writing, directing and performing in sell-out plays for the Lyric: Hammersmith and Riverside Studios. I directed the World’s longest running comedy show, NewsRevue, as well as creating its two Christmas Specials.

Here’s me doing the running man in Junior Senior’s ‘Rhythm Bandits

& being wide in Hard-Fi’s ‘Cash Machine’.

I love the glockenspiel and pastry.